Toilets Slabs and Bathrooms

Waterproofing of Toilets Slabs and Bathrooms

All Sunken Portions Of Toilets And Bath Rooms Shall Be Thoroughly Cleaned Make Good Honey Combing, Cracks Etc. With Suitable SBR Modified Mortar On SBR Cement Primer Of PERMA CRACKFILL Or PERMA SEAL Modified Mortar. Close All Cut Outs Pipe Runs Etc. With Fresh Concrete Admixed With Water Reducing Admixture And Allow Them To Harden For At Least 10 Days.

Thoroughly Saturate The Entire Surface With Water And Remove Any Stagnant Water. Perma Seal Slurry Is Obtained By Mixing Of Perma Seal Powder With Water In Proportion Of 2.5 Volume Of Powder To 1 Volume Of Water. Apply Two Coats Of Perma Seal Slurry With Brush The Second Coat Being Applied When The First Coat Is Still Tacky. Plaster The Entire Surface When The Second Coat Is Still Tacky Etc. Complete In All Respect.

Special Treatments

  • Clean The Existing Concrete Free Of All Loose Particles.
  • Crack If Any Found On The Surface To Be Racked To A ‘V’ Shape Groove 10mm Wide And 10mm Deep. Clean The Grooves And Wash Them Thoroughly.
  • When The Perma Seal Slurry Coat Is Still Tack, Fill Up The Grooves With Perma Seal Modified Mortar ( 1 Part Perma Seal : 1 Part Cement : 4 Part Sand By Volume And Water To Get Desired Consistency Infill Mortar)
  • On Completion Of This Repair Work, Saturate The Entire Concrete Surface With Water Sufficiently So As To Allow For The Water To Penetrate In The Capillaries.
  • Subsequently Remove All Excess Water And Rush Apply Two Coats Of Perma Seal Slurry On The Saturated Surface.
  • The Second Coat Is Being Applied When The First Coat Is Still Tacky.
  • Cure The Treated Surface With Water For 6 To 7 Days. Alternatively, If The Treated Surface Is Going To Receive Brickbat Infill, Or Any Subsequent Treatment, Then Sprinkle Dry Cement And Core Sand On The Perma Seal Slurry Coat When It Is Still Wet To Create A Mechanical Key.