Terrace Waterproofing

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Terrace Waterproofing

New Concrete Roof Surface

  • Clean The Surface To Remove All Loose Practices, Traces Of Oil Greases To Make A Sound Surface Visible.
  • Repair Any Cracks On The Surface By Making A ‘V’ Shaped Groove And Fill The Groove With Perma Crackfill.
  • Mix The Liquid And Powder Components Of Perma Guard In The Proportion 1:4 As Specified In The Literature To Form A Homogeneous Slurry.
  • Brush Apply This Slurry On The Roof Surface With A Brush On The Tacky Coat Cover The Surface With Cement Sand Screed & Cure Normally.


  • Clean The Exiting Tiled / Brickbat Coba Treatment Free Of All Loose Particles, Vegetation Growth, Etc.
  • Surface Repairs If Any Be Carried Out With Perma Bond SBR Modified Mortar System Followed By Surface Grouting Or Regular Injection Grouting System.
  • Brush Apply Eazee Coat To An Even Thickness. While The First Coat Is Wet Spread Nylon Mesh Making Sure That The Net Is Saturated Thoroughly With Eazee Coat.
  • Apply Second Coat Of Eazee Coat To Complete The Treatment.
  • Carry Over The Treatment To Parapet Walls, Top And Side Walls For Effective Protection