Basement Waterproofing

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Basement Waterproofing

Quality Of Concrete

If The Concrete Is Honeycombed It Needs To Be Repaired By Injection Grouting Followed By Surface Repairs. The Construction Joints Specially Need To Be Thoroughly Injection Grouted Before Taking Up The Waterproofing Treatment.

Structural Joints

If The Dimension Of The Member To Be Treated Is More Than 25 Meters In Any Direction Proper Control Joints Such As “Crack Inducer Joints” And “Expansion Joints” Should Be Provided Or Else No Waterproofing Treatment Cannot Be Successful Control Joints Are Structural Design Features And Beyond The Scope Of This Specification.


  • Prepare The Surface As Per Standard Practice.
  • Injection Grout The Construction Joints With Nipples Fixed At An Interval Of 20 Cms C/C. In Case Of Porous Concrete Fix The Nipples At 15 Cms C/C.
  • Cut A ‘V’ Shaped Groove Along The Construction Joints About 5 Cmswide And 2 Cms Deep.
  • Saturate The Side Of The Groove With Water And Apply 2 Coats Of Perma Seal Slurry And Immediately Fill These Grooves By Perma Seal Modified Mortar. Perma Seal Modified Mortar Is Prepared By Mixing Perma Seal, Cement, And Fine Sand In The Proportion Of 1:1:4 And Water To Make The Mix Of A Workable Consistency.
  • When The Modified Mortar Has Set Saturate The Whole Surface With Water, Apply 2 Coats Of Perma Seal Slurry And Immediately Cover It Up With Cement Sand Mortar And Cure Normal.