External / Internal Plaster

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External / Internal Plaster

1. For Providing and Applying External / Internal Cement Plaster To Brick Masonry or Concrete Surface Of UGWT. And OHWT. Wall. In 1:4 Add An Integral Waterproofing Compound Such As Perma Trek At A Dosage Of 500gms Of Perma Trek Powder To A Bag Of Cement Or Use A Liquid Integral Waterproofing 7588584038 Compound Such As Plast - O – Proof At A Dosage Of 10ml. Of The Liquid to A Bag Of Cement. Use This Mortar For All Plastering / Rendering Work.

2. Cure The Plaster Area With Water As Per Usual Practice.

Sealing Of Plaster Cracks & Filling of Joint In Between RCC Column & Masonry Work

  • All Cracks Shall Be Opened A ‘ V ‘ Shaped Groove 10mm Wide And 10mm Deep And Thoroughly Clean With Water.
  • Mix Perma Crack fill A Non - Shrink Hi – Strength Polymer Mortar With Water In The Proportion Of 3.5 Volume Of Powder To 1 Volume Of Water To Obtain An Uniform Consistency Homogenous Pest. Fill Up The Grooves With This Paste Effectively To An Uniform Smooth Finish